QR Patrol

“Patrol Management Made Easy”

What is QR Patrol?

QR Patrol is a modern security and guard tour management system that leverages QR codes and mobile technology to enhance security operations. It offers a comprehensive solution for businesses and organizations to manage and monitor security personnel, patrols, and assets effectively..


4 Types of Checkpoints

QR Code Checkpoints
Strategically placed QR codes allow your team to quickly log their presence, ensuring thorough patrol coverage. Geo-tagging prevents code duplication for enhanced accountability.

Bluetooth Beacons
Real-time tracking of security personnel movements through multi-level buildings, providing you with complete visibility into patrol coverage.

NFC Checkpoints
Reliable checkpoints for permanent locations or exposed areas, enabling easy log-in with a simple tap of your NFC-enabled device.

Virtual Checkpoints
GPS-powered virtual checkpoints monitor movement across your facilities, optimizing patrols and identifying potential risks.

Reporting and Analytics

The platform provides detailed reports and analytics, offering valuable insights into security operations. This data can help organizations make informed decisions, identify trends, and improve overall security strategies.

Mobile Accessibility

QR Patrol is accessible through a mobile app, making it convenient for security personnel to carry out their duties and report incidents from their smartphones or tablets.


The prices above reflect the base cost per user per month. You can request an official estimate by calling or sending us an email at qrpatrol@tssgbarbados.com

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